We can all stop grimacing now


With ever increasing frequency over the past few months, I would cringe a little when people asked me for the address of my professional website so they could check out my work. This was because although I was very happy with it when I first launched it, that was back in 2009. The site was definitely showing its age. I had updated the work section a little since that time, but I was feeling less and less convinced that it was presenting me and my work in the best light. I have resolved many times since then to redesign the site, but something (usually other work thankfully) got in the way.

Then last week I was at a party where I met (as I often do) a potential client. I winced as I gave him my contact info with the URL to my work site. It could not go on like this, I thought. I had to at least redo the work section if nothing else. So I resolved to just put up a simple, clean showcase of a few projects, nothing else. This would just be a quick redo so that potential clients could see and understand the work better, and not have to wade through all the other information about me that was cluttering the old site. Just something I could quickly add to or edit, and a placeholder until such time as I could redesign the entire site properly. I would just spend a few hours on it, nothing fancy.

Yeah, right.

Four days of almost constant work and tweaking later, I finally have a new website. And although I spent far more time on it than I originally had envisioned, I am very happy with it. Like most of my sites these days, it is based on WordPress, which will make it super easy to update (as opposed to my last site), and I will be able to modify the template much more easily over time.

So please, check out the new site here, and let me know what you think!