I see dead people…


My friend Paul just launched a fascinating new site that takes advantage of a slightly odd twitter phenom he discovered a while back. People were registering names of famous dead people and twittering as if they were those people. Sometimes they take their roles very seriously and stay very much “in character”, tweeting only things that are actually verified to have been said by their alter ego. And sometimes they use the character as a starting point and riff on it. Some of them are silly, some are absolutely brilliant. The list of users they aggregate is constantly growing and they do exercise a little editorial judgment when picking which dead people they will add to their list (thankfully…I mean, it may be funny ONCE that someone calling themself Helen Keller tweets “nskdfdskfjkdsfsaie”…but the joke gets stale quickly). Currently on the list are such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Henry Miller, Jesus Christ, Julia Child, Mae West and Barry Goldwater.

The site is called Tweeji (get it?) and is loads of fun. Check it out!

Drumroll, please…


This is it!

While not perfect (is anything ever?), I have decided it is time to release my new site into the wild, so as of right now I am unofficially launching it at cv.satoristephen.com. I will leave it for the weekend to see if there are any major bugs, and then on Monday send out an official announcement via email. If you notice any bugs or have any comments, please do let me know. And if anyone can think of a better subdomain name than “cv”, I am happy to accept suggestions. For the record, other options were “portfolio”, “folio”, “box” and “arbeit-macht-frei“. Ok, I am kidding about that last one.