Odd Jobs: Second Life Coach


I reconnected with an old friend yesterday after a long absence. We had a great meandering talk about a number of things and I asked her what she was doing to occupy her time these days. She explained to me that she is working as a life coach. I began considering the outlines of this profession and started thinking that in some ways I was quite suited to it. Then today I crossed paths with another subject matter that I have recently become aware of: virtual worlds such as Second Life.

And then it hit me what a funny job it would be to become a virtual life coach. I could create a virtual website with virtual testimonials from virtual celebrities that had benefited from my virtual coaching. Since this world is virtual, everything can be larger than (real) life. The stakes are higher (and lower), the rewards greater (and smaller), the failures more spectacular (and less spectacular). In addition to coaching virtual people how to live a better virtual life and achieve their virtual goals, I could become a virtual expert in these sorts of things and attend virtual conferences that I would organize and even create a virtual certification for myself and others like me.

If I were a life coach outside of this virtual world, however, I might advise my clients to pay more attention to the game called real life pulsating all around them. Then again, who is to say what is real and what is not? Not me, that is for sure.