There goes the view…


The other day I was walking on the High Line (I know, shocker) and I came to a part at the end where they are building a new 30 story building on what was formerly an empty lot. And then I looked over to the smallish building  next door to it and snapped this photo:

That yellow square I highlighted is where a bunch of windows will be completely blocked up. I know this sort of thing happens all the time in big cities, but it really got me wondering about the experience of the landlords and tenants in such a building. What would you do if your apartment suddenly lost all natural light it had enjoyed for years? What does that do to the property values, rentability or saleability of the apartment that has just been blocked? I imagine it plummets. It also makes me understand more a certain type of apartment block that I see (especially in new construction) all over Manhattan (of which my own building is a good example). Namely, two similar apartment towers, taking up an entire block or set back from the side site lines and joined at the lower levels by a structure that meets the street and all sides. This type of plan precludes (for the most part) any window blocking from new construction, and maximizes windows and light from all around.