The day is finally here, my vacation is over. I am at the airport in Madrid, awaiting my Aer Lingus (what a dirty sounding name) flight to Dublin, then on to New York after a couple of hours’ layover. The variety of places I have seen, foods I have eaten, and experiences I have had on this trip have been amazing. From my brief but wonderful stay in Amsterdam, to our trip at the edge of the Sahara in southern Morocco, to the rest of the country (and the fascinating cities of Marrakech, Fes, Chefchauen, Tetouan and Tangier), and finally with the last few days in Spain, I have been incredibly blessed on this vacation. The only thing that put a small damper on it was my ongoing back pain, and I am scheduled to see several doctors when I get back to New York, so hopefully I can dispense with that quickly. Even given that physical hassle, I am very glad I came on this trip. I am looking forward to retuning home though, seeing my friends and experiencing late spring in my home city. See you on the other side.