A few more words…


Well, I am sure it is partially the knowledge that I have done my treatment and am on my way to being rid of this, but I do feel better. It isn’t that all the itching is gone, but my emotional state is much improved. The worst part of what I went through was the chronic nature of it, wearing me down day by day, and the multiple failures of our vaunted medical establishment. I almost started to believe their (wrong) assessment that I must be stressed or slightly insane, even though the voice inside me said strongly and plainly that there was a cause and an agent outside of me. One of the lessons (a reinforcement of things I already know) to take from this has to do with our concept of reality and what we believe. So much of what we believe, or believe we perceive, in our society is based on nothing other than collective reinforcement of certain ideas. We internalize these visions and accept this received wisdom, because it allows us to shorthand a lot of things and function in the world. But this wisdom is often wrong, and it takes great strength to challenge what seems to be “obvious” to the crowd or society. History is greatly littered with examples of the “common sense” or the “wisdom of crowds” being wrong. Our reality is not so much set in stone as it is a working theory. We don’t bother generally to challenge those aspects that don’t seem to affect our lives, but we should. We should try to reach for greater understanding, especially of the other people around us, even though it may seem useless or hopeless. All of us are stake holders in our own reality, and are our own vested interest. We would do well to loosen this certainty just a bit, and try to favor not just greater understanding, but greater openness and acceptance of others. When we write off other people or their suffering, we write off our own humanity.