Notes on Indiana


As I will be back in the land of my birth and upbringing for the next few weeks, I will try to note what strikes me as different or unusual here. It will be as if I am a tourist (albeit one with 17 years of experience here). Here are a couple of things I have noticed in the last couple of days:

– It seems that everywhere I go, things are sold in JUMBO size. I went to get shampoo and toothpaste the other day and the only size was gigantic. People in the midwest enjoy value as represented by quantity. They are also clearly not as transient as I and so probably don’t worry about having to lug a gallon size jug of Head and Shoulders around from place to place.

– Seeing as this is November and we are miles and miles away from any warm, growing climate, fresh fruit is sparsely available and expensive. The other morning I ordered the “fresh fruit” with breakfast and was confronted with this:

I guess by “fresh” they meant “freshly opened can”. blech.