Off label MacBook use


With my stomach in such a bad way, my Macbook makes a pretty good heating pad replacement. Simply rest the bottom of the laptop (especially the part near the recharge cable connection) on the part (of your body) that needs the heat.  Careful not to put it directly on your skin, it can be quite hot. You can increase or decrease the heat by running more or fewer processor intensive tasks, such as movie playback or PC emulation.

old tricks


This week is shaping up to be a time to exercise (or is that exorcise?) old tech talents, it would seem. Today I helped Keith and Marites by setting up a new computer in their office, and took a short (1 day) job with my cousin Ben’s¬† law firm for Friday, helping them set up their network. In addition to that, I had dinner tonight with an old friend who is now working at Google, and it looks like I will go down there with him tomorrow to check things out on the Google campus in Mountain View. It is kind of a tech trip down memory lane, as I used to work for Apple Computer and there are a lot of similarities in Silicon Valley campus life.