Today in Tangier


Today in Tangier, we:

– Had a lovely breakfast at our local patisserie

– Visited The American Legation (the first American property outside the US)

– Walked around a small part of the medina that included markets, strong odors, and a man peeing

– Visited the strange Jewish cemetery, where all the bodies seem crammed in together in a haphazard way.

– Had lunch at the restaurant at Darna, an organization that helps women and children in the area.

– Stopped by the charming Librarie des Colonnes (ignore their terrible website, the place itself is great).

– Walked around Tangiers, which feels very different from other Moroccan cities, in a way that is hard to describe, but I guess a bit more Mediterranean, both modern and frozen in time. It also feels a bit like it is trying to live up to its storied past, or perhaps we are looking to make it live up to that past, searching for the ghosts of Paul and Jane Bowles and the like…

Tangiers - Jewish cemetary