In case you are wondering about the title, that is the database assigned article number for this post. I figure 1551 is as descriptive as anything. It includes any number of draft revisions of posts and pages and any other type of entry on this blog. I have to admit to having a bit of a fascination with statistics, especially ones that relate to me or my life. And I have a number of ways of slicing and dicing information related to this blog. For instance:

This blog’s first post was on September 11, 2006.

The number of posts to this blog currently stands at 851.

The number of comments on the blog is 1,190.

The wordcount on all published posts is 137,320.

The longest post was 3,257 words. The shortest 0 words (picture posts).

The average post length is 158 words.

The most commented on post had 14 comments.

And the most prolific commenter posted 165 comments and is my mother.