I spent a good time with Cinzia and Carla, walking around in the blustery white and slush that was Manhattan today. While we were getting them fitted for boots at the sporting goods store, I got a text from my friend Pete in San Francisco asking me if I was in New York at the moment. I answered yes, excited that he might be coming here for work soon, but it turned out that a friend of a friend of his was coming to SF from Spain, and…you guessed it…she was stranded trying to get out of JFK since her flight was canceled. I told him she was welcome to give me a call. When I didn’t hear from her all day, I assumed she had worked out a flight or something, but then the phone rang about 30 minutes ago and it was her. The conversation was quite a blur in Spanish, but I worked out that she couldn’t get a flight out and needed a place to stay, so I gave her directions and told her to come by. It will be quite a full casa tonight, but I figure it is good karma.

What the snow means


You forget how much the weather is a part of our lives. I took a walk in a beautiful snow covered Prospect Park this morning and was inspired. And it has been snowing all day, that wet, large-flake kind that has something magic about it. It is impossible for me not to smile in this snow. Even though I grew up with it, it has been years since it was a part of any climate I have made a home in. I wonder how each season affects our moods and outlooks, and how climate affects our sense of the possible in our lives. I know winter can be a sad time for many people (and I’ll admit the bitter cold windy days are less fun), but there is something wonderous and beautiful about the snow.

The last time I saw snow


I am still sick, but this morning I woke up sensing something different. I looked out the window and saw this:

Pretty glorious. I haven’t seen snow up close in a long time. I haven’t lived in any kind of climate where there has been snow. And Indiana (where I grew up and visit a couple of times a year) doesn’t get nearly as much as when I was little because of changing weather patterns (global warming, anyone?).