Bed Metaphysics


As you know, I am moving into a new apartment next week. And unlike the previous places I have been for the past 3 years, my room will not already be furnished in some manner. So I find myself in need of a bed. Having already spent a fair amount more on rent and other items this past week, I was thinking that I should be frugal in my bed purchase. I started looking on craigslist and have been considering what the least expansive bedding options are likely to be. Having been in to several mattress/bedding stores I find that anything under 1000 dollars isn’t terribly amazing or different in the comfort department. That is to say, spending a few hundred more or less does not seem to result in much greater comfort in the zone under 1000. So I turned my attention to the world of futons, which seem every bit as comfortable as the low end mattresses, and not nearly as expensive. I also liked the idea that in my somewhat small room, I would be able to fold this up on occasion and feel as if I had more space. Seeking the counsel of several friends, most seem to agree that spending more for a really nice mattress is definitely worth it, especially as we creep towards old age with its attendant aches and pains. The idea hit me that perhaps part of the reason I am resistant to the idea of investing so much in a new bed is that (beyond the fact that I am not exactly rolling in money) it would seem to imply a kind of permanence that I am not sure I am comfortable with at this exact moment. I am moving into a new apartment with someone I don’t really know. If for some reason I need to move again soon, how much more of a pain in the ass will it be to haul this heavy thing somewhere. And speaking of heavy things, you all know how I feel about acquiring too much stuff (and especially expensive stuff). I have been in a state of grace and bliss in my lack of possessions, and I like it that way. The road to acquiring too much is a road to a kind of hell. As long as I don’t own anything, I feel a great sense of freedom. With each new purchase, is the freedom a bit diminished? What is the meaning of this bed beyond the place to sleep? Do I really need the biggest, best, most amazing whatever? Or is this just a sign for a commitment to a kind of sedentary existence that I am resistant to after all this time? I guess I need to lie down and think about it.