Late but tasty arrival


My flight was delayed a couple of hours from LA last night, so Marites and Keith took the opportunity to book us a late table at a place that is very difficult to get into, Rich Table. The meal was spectacular, and reminds me why the Bay Area is so special. There is no place quite like it, and Keith & MaritesĀ , like me, are total foodies. I can always count on them to pick some amazing places for us to go. It doesn’t hurt that they are architects that specialize in restaurant design, so they always seem to be in the know about the latest and greatest food choices. Today was a playing-hooky kind of day for Marites and me, we went to a yummy breakfast at Local 123, got pedicures, had a fantastic Burmese lunch at Burma Superstar, and ran a couple of errands like getting my shoes fixed and getting a hipster haircut at a too-cool-for-school (but very friendly, I quite liked it) barbershop in Oakland.