The day after


You would think that my post apocalypse day would be filled with stories of the destruction around me, but alas it was far more banal. I had a rather annoying work day, filled with “crises” from clients far removed from Sandy and the East Coast. And it really made me think how petty are most work concerns. You would think we were rushing to save cancer patients with a new treatment or something, instead of changing some technical specification for a client. By the end of the day, I have to admit that the tension between client work and real problems for people without power, water, homes etc, had really gotten on my nerves. Josh and I went out for dinner and drinks, and all the places in Hell’s Kitchen were hopping, no doubt because that area of the city still had power. As of this morning, many of my friends south of 30th street are still without power and plumbing, and I have invited a few to come take showers at my place and recharge their devices and check emails.