Calming walk around Rishikesh


Ken is fortunately feeling a bit better (if not 100%) so we took a walk around Rishikesh. The weather could not be more beautiful today (it is 70 and sunny), and Rishikesh is a super cute mountain town. This is close to where the Ganges begins (and that is what makes it a holy place to Hindus), and so the water is much much nicer than what you see by the time it gets to Varanasi. And the air in Rishikesh is fresh, and the pace generally calm for an Indian city. We walked up the Ganges a bit to the next foot bridge, then down the other side to the bridge closest to our hotel, back across and back to our room. There is a bit too much Western inspired tourist crap on sale here, but whatever. We had originally planned to stay 3 days in the ashram while here, but with Ken being sick it just did not make sense to stay in a place where the bathroom was both public and some distance from the sleeping quarters. We will go to see the evening aarti ceremony there this evening, and possibly go for some drop-in yoga, but the Rishikesh ashram residence experience will have to wait for another time alas. And that is fine with me, really.

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