Down a rabbit hole


In a world where anything is possible but time is limited, we need to make choices. Sometimes those choices lead to something useful very quickly, sometimes they are dead ends. I usually don’t mind the dead ends as I tend to learn something from them. That said, I have been spinning my wheels a bit over the last few days as I attempt to overhaul my resume and build a new website for it. It really isn’t even a resume site to speak of anymore, nor even a cv. I am not entirely sure what to call it, truth be told, but let us settle on “collection” for now.  There are a few things I have decided it will and won’t be:

1. It won’t be constrained or narrowly focused. In the past I have constructed my resume to only appeal to a specific area of interest, usually aimed a company that I seek employment from. As a freelancer, I feel more free to let the variety of experience speak up.

2. It will speak in layman’s terms. I will try to avoid jargon in favor of plain speaking, ie “blog” or “website”, not “content management” or  “HTML/Javascript”

3.  I will include other areas that I enjoy and can seek work in, ie “writing” and “French tutoring” and “photography”. Just because technology is the most lucrative does not mean that is all I will seek.

4. My site will be my calling card, and should be very well designed. It is this last point that is causing me fits. As I research a number of different (and very cool) sites out there, I find myself drawn to many shiny objects out there. Some of these are programmatic, some are design, some are organizational. In any event I have spent many many hours diddling over the past few days, often ending up tossing something as impractical or dull. I feel like I am finally on the right track, but still have many hours ahead of me. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.



You may have noticed a bunch of subtle changes to the blog design over the past couple of days. I think I am finally (probably) finished (for now). Please let me know if anything looks strange or fails to function.