Things get ugly in Arizona


Once again, the nut-ball right wing (best exemplified these days by the tea baggers), proves that consistency is not their strong suit. While claiming to decry government intrusion into their lives, they enact a bill exemplary of such government overreach. A new law in Arizona makes it a crime not to carry proof of citizenship. Someone care to explain to me how this isn’t Orwellian? Aside from the obvious contradictions with freedom, this law is nothing but a fig leaf for the worst strains of nativism and racism.  These malcontents, always on the lookout for a scapegoat for their troubles, find immigrants or “foreign-looking” people have always been easy targets. A hard look in the mirror has never occurred to them. But this law is truly a new low. And since the law requires police to stop anyone on “reasonable suspicion” of being an undocumented immigrant, the potential for abuse is great. Police could stop without warrant anyone who didn’t pass their subjective test of normalcy. This law is an obscene authority grab by a state that claims to value freedom, but in truth only values the freedom to fit into their definition of upright citizen. Anyone else is suspect.

Ow! The little Jew!


I’ll get to how the landing in Cancun was in a minute. Arnaud told me something quite shocking this afternoon on the beach. I slightly bumped my elbow, which STILL hurts from my accident and cried out a little in pain. Arnaud said that even without being wounded there, it hurts quite a lot when one bangs it just so.  I told him that we called it the “funny bone” in English.  He then relayed to me what they used to say while he was growing up when someone would bump their funny bone.  They would shout out “Ay! Le petit Juif!”, which means, “Ow! The little Jew!”. I sat dumbfounded for a few minutes pondering the layers of anti-semitism required of a culture to get to that point.

But let’s focus on the positive, shall we? The water and beach here are beautiful, and the pace quite relaxed. We decided to chill an extra day in Puerto Morelos before heading out to explore the Yucatan tomorrow. Despite my responsible use of sunblock, I still have managed to get too much radiation today, and I can tell that my forehead will have the consistency of rubber by tomorrow. Other than that, I am pretty calm and happy to be hanging out with my friend Arnaud (who is really very open minded and accepting of all people despite his somewhat racist upbringing).