Never fear the wrong choice


Tomorrow I leave for Tokyo. Am I ready? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not that bothered really. When visiting an unfamiliar place, I think it is very difficult to make truly awful choices. That is because when everything is new in a place, all of it is a learning experience. There is no right or wrong thing to see, no right or wrong place to stay, it is all surprising and will teach you something about that place.  The last couple of days I have been firming up some plans for various countries I will visit on this trip. Ken and I have picked out where we will stay in Japan (in Tokyo, Kurashiki, and Kyoto). We have our rail passes but not not the reservations, which should be a fun adventure in and of itself once we get there. I am still figuring out where I will stay and what I will do in Seoul which follows Japan on the 5th. And just yesterday, I settled on an apartment in the South Yarra neighborhood in Melbourne for a 15 day stay at the end of November. Little by little, it all falls into place. I’m getting really excited.