São Paulo non stop


Ooohhhh…I am feeling a bit weak, but happy. Yesterday was a whirlwind tour of SP with my super host and new friend Walter. We started out in the morning meeting up with his friend Adilson and walking around the center of the city a bit, stopping for lunch and taking in the atmosphere and music, music everywhere. There is a really amazing low level carnival ambiance all the time here it seems. Great street music and rhythms, people always smiling and friendly. It is infectious. After that we made our way to meet up with some other friends at an impromptu beer bust (that happens every Saturday) in the Praça Calixto, and again I was amazed at the easygoing friendliness of just about everyone, whether or not we spoke the same language. And if that wasn’t enough, we headed out to a mega gay club called “The Week” in the evening and I didn’t get home until…well…just now…(you can imagine what you will, but let me just say that the Brazilians that I have met are very welcoming and sweet).