This morning, I was getting a little angry at still having this cold (or having a new one). I was telling myself to stop trying to be somewhere else, to accept what is and relax a little. So resolved to explore my new surroundings and be as much in the moment as possible, I head to a cafe down the street from where I am staying for a little coffee and breakfast. As I settle in and start to pay attention to my surroundings, I notice two fairly animated conversations going on to either side of me.


We have to think about the potential marketshare…and mindshare…sales team…strategy…mini presentation…liability issues. Robert and I will ensure quality resources are available….we need the RIGHT people. ….targeting January as launch….now, in terms of the metrics for success…can we leverage any resources in India?


…that will never work. What is the concept for their magazine? …listen to me, listen to me, answer my question. What did I ask you? That is not the question I asked you…what did I ask you?…those damn electricians, you can’t trust them, you can’t trust anyone…this time, I made sure I stood over them…had them tag each line, so that the next time, there wont be any screw ups….it’s gonna be a busy weekend….the market is going down..and I’m not the only one that thinks so, everybody agrees with me.

I’m not saying there is anything terribly unique about these conversations, but they do set a certain mood. Perhaps this is the mood that I am having a little difficulty with. I feel a kind of tension in these that is contrary to what I am looking for. A tension that defines something as always elsewhere, never here and now.

Then again, I am all congested and not thinking clearly. Maybe tomorrow I will be clear-headed. :)