To Nîmes


We hit the road with our rental car after leaving Paris yesterday morning, and had a very smooth time getting out of Paris (despite the fact that this was Bastille Day and we were told the EVERYONE was leaving town for the long weekend). Along the way, we stopped near Lyon at one of chef Georges Blanc’s restaurants (called L’embaradero) for an absolutely fabulous lunch. A few short hours later, we had arrived in Nîmes, a town with a rich Roman history and an Arena in the center of the old town (that our Hotel room just happened to overlook). We checked in and then went to explore a little, first stopping at the magnificent Arena for a tour of what is the best preserved example of such a structure in the world. Then we walked around the town a bit and stopped for a truly awful meal (the counterbalance to our lunch experience), and finally went back to the hotel, exhausted. A couple of hours later we got a little bit of a second wind and went to explore the town a bit by night, which was thoroughly enjoyable.

From Nimes