Yesterday I was rushing to meet a friend cross town for lunch, a journey that necessitated a subway train change. As I entered the second train, I noticed that I was at the wrong end of the train from where I was to exit, and so I passed through the doors of two or three cars to get closer to the end of the train. The train was not moving yet, and an ugly, heavy set woman in no kind of uniform taps me on the shoulder and shows me some sort of NYPD badge and asks me to step out of the train. I asked her what the problem was, and she says in an officious manner that it is illegal to move between cars. I told her that I thought that only applied to when they were moving, and other people on the train were passing between cars. She gave me a look that said “I despise your kind” and proceeded to slowly write me a ticket and fine for $75, despite my polite entreaties and promise to never do anything like this again. She and her cohorts took my license, called into “the station” to check that I wasn’t some international fugitive drug kingpin, and detained me for 15 minutes. She actually had the nerve to write on the ticket that I was “walking between cars without authority to do so, causing hazardous condition”. What bullshit. The train wasn’t moving, other people were also moving through the cars, and I struggle mightily to know what “hazardous condition” I could possibly have been guilty of. I realize that the city of New York needs a way to generate revenue, but this sort of action offends common decency.

I am so glad that there is no crime anywhere in the city anymore and the police have so much extra time on their hands to devote to important things like this. Anyone know the process for contesting this sort of police department abuse?