A different world


Although I am still taking multiple trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, IKEA and the like for the necessities, I am now at least moved into my new apartment and it is starting to feel like home. There are a number of things about this living situation that are new to me. I have never lived in a building with a doorman before. I haven’t lived alone (for longer than 2 months) in some 18 years. I have never lived above the 6th floor. I have never lived in a building with this many apartments (almost 900 in two towers). And outside of when I was young and living with my parents, I have never moved into a brand new building before. I am amazed by how modern all the systems are: the laundry room with cards, the building website for reporting and tracking repairs and requests and shipments, as well as the fact that they email me when any of these events happens. I am getting to know the names of the staff, and they all seem really nice (I guess I should start saving now). There are a number of really nice common spaces, club rooms and terraces for enjoying some quite fantastic views. It is funny, the building is so new that there is almost no one living here yet. I estimate that I am perhaps the 30th tenant out of an eventual 900. And really, they are still finishing construction on a number of areas, which I expect will take another couple of months. All in all, I am loving it. This feels like a milestone, a turning point in my life somehow. I have lived in too many places to count really. More than one for each year of my life, if you can believe that. The shortest one being a month or so (I don’t count ones that were even less or part of traveling) and the longest one being the 4.5 years I spent in one apartment in Los Angeles. This has an air of greater permanence for a number of reasons (although that is a relative concept that good buddhists don’t really believe in). Of course only time will tell. Stay tuned, I will try to post some photos soon.