Upstate weekend


I made it up to Poughkeepsie on the train without a hitch, it was really a lovely train ride just next to the river. Eric met me at the station and we went back to the cabin (my second time visiting) where I finally met his partner Danny (who I had been hearing about for a year but had never had the opportunity to meet). Since then we have been eating a lot and visiting with their friends and exploring some upstate areas I had never seen. We drove through the Hudson Valley and stopped at one of the many estates  (Montgomery), then headed over to a kind of epic and wacky artist’s project called Opus 40. Harvey Fite (the artist in question) had bought an abandoned quarry in 1938 and constructed this architecture/sculpture over the next 37 years until his death. In addition to the massive stone thingy, there are other sculptures scattered about the grounds, but the Opus itself is the most interesting thing about the place by far. After that we headed into nearby Saugerties, where Danny did a little antique shopping and Eric and I played a couple of games of chess at the bookstore coffee shop. Seeing that we had not much time to spare before the sunset, Eric took us on a mad dash to the Olana Historic Site for a pretty spectacular view over the river at sundown. We then joined a couple of Eric and Danny’s friends for a dinner of great company and good cheer (if not great food) before comping back to the cabin and collapsing in bed.

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