Tropical Fruits


I have been on the Gold Coast and in Lismore the last couple of days. Our friend Jason flew up from Sydney to meet Nick and I, and we attended Australia’s most massive gay dance party, Tropical Fruits. It was a lot of fun, held at the Lismore Showgrounds (what we would call a fairground). There were three different dance floors each playing different music (although none of it fantastic, I wish there had been some more pop). There was a cabaret tent with drag shows, some of which were really wonderful. There were tents and tents with chill-out spaces, places to hang out and drink and relax and…other things. There was some surprisingly good food at concessions, most particularly some Yemeni chicken wrap thingy I had which was super delicious. At midnight was a spectacular fireworks show (which I assume is what accounted for much of the exorbitant cost of the event). I was also surprised and happy to see a nice variety of people there, all ages and a fair number of lesbians. It could have been more racially diverse I suppose, but this is Australia after all. Overall it was a very good time, and I am happy we came here to celebrate the new year. I still don’t have much in the way of bandwidth, so photos and videos will have to wait.