Young at heart


Last night Josh and Michael arranged a table for a group of us at The Metropolitan Room, an old-style cabaret where we watched the incredible¬†Marilyn Maye perform. I had never seen her before, she was amazing. At 84, she was a ball of energy and a sight to behold. And with every song she sang or belted out, every choice she made, she was sending the same life-affirming message. One couldn’t help but feel uplifted and giggly when leaving the place. After that, we headed over to Josh’s to countdown to midnight and ring in the new year. ¬†All in all a fantastic NYE, and one that puts me in a hopeful frame of mind for 2013.



– John and I had a small reunion early in the evening with our friend Eric from the west coast. The three of us hadn’t been together in one place in over 10 years and it was great fun.

– Went to a pre-party set up with Eric, then with John and Kevin to a party in Brooklyn. One thing I notice here (if these two are any indication) is that the food at parties here is way better than LA.

– The people sitting in the MTA booths late at night apparently don’t know the schedules of the trains that are running through their stations.

– Speaking of the MTA, did you know that the subway in New York runs all night long? That is the mark of a real city, and I am thrilled.

– It started cold and got much colder (to about 14 degrees. brrr.)

Feeling it


Sure, it is the end of another year, and the 31st of December feels like a milestone to many people. But not for me. I don’t feel connected to the import of this date the way I used to. There is no special thing that will be magically different tomorrow, any more than any day (or moment really) is any more special or different than the one that preceded it or follows it.

That said, I am very happy and thankful for where I am and where I have been. The past 2 plus years have been an invaluable gift. I joke with my family about the bad economy (and immense market losses) having validated my strategy of spending all my money on travel and the present, but in a very real way that is true. Security (financial or otherwise) is an illusion, and at the end of it all, we all end up in the same place. We might as well enjoy the ride and try to get a good view. I am fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends with whom to share this ride, and I wish them all the happiness this life can bestow, on this day or any other.

(I just reread the above and it all sounds pretty sappy, but what the hell. Sometimes I am sappy; deal with it.)