Public transit archipelago


Gothenburg started improving for us yesterday evening when we went out to dinner. In the first place we had the absolutely best meatballs of my life (in another gay bar with a restaurant, as fate would have it) and then walked around a nicer part of the city that was wonderfully shown off in the evening light. Today we decided to visit the archipelago of islands just south of Gothenburg (there is a northern collection as well, fyi). The weather and the islands were absolutely gorgeous, and this is one of those things that (surprisingly) you can do cheaply here. We bought a day pass on the metro system that included unlimited rides on the trams and busses, as well as on the ferries. So we spent the day hopping from island to island and enjoying the natural beauty. The islands are really lovely, and at least at this time of the year have the most fragrant lilacs and other flowers all over the place. We walked around, enjoyed the scenery and weather, and finally made it back to our hotel a short while ago. We are so glad we came to Gothenburg, because it seems off the beaten track a bit, and the trip to the islands was really a treat.

Cave magic


Arnaud and I checked out some pretty amazing natural formations today called cenotes near the city of Valladodid.  These spaces are enchanting, and look like something out of a fantasy film. They fill one with a sense of awe, and calm.  One of them in particular had a tree’s roots stretching many feet down below the surface to get at the water pooled at the bottom.  The Yucatan is apparently filled with them, and we hope to see a few more while here.