Après moi, le déluge…


Well, we had planned on being back in Oslo via a combination of early morning bus from Alesund to Andalsnes, then scenic train from Andalsnes to Dombas, with a final train from Dombas reaching Oslo at 3:11pm. But when we arrived at Andalsnes, a conductor from the NSB (the rail system here) informed us there there was no train, and seemed surprised we hadn’t heard about the flooding, since it was apparently so catastrophic. Trying to figure out what exactly to do next was a little difficult, as no one seemed to have all the info. The conductor kept saying we should go to Trondheim and try to get a flight to Oslo, but the few flights they have were all booked and expensive. Add to this the slight worry about staying too long in the north, because I have a non-refundable flight to and train in Germany tomorrow. We boarded a temporary bus with the conductor to Dombas, where we are now sitting in a train on its way to Trondheim.  We will get off the train in Støren at 2pm and wait for the NSB replacement bus to Oslo at 4pm. This will add about 8 hours to our journey. On the upside it has been a rather dramatic adventure, especially the bus ride here, as the flooding rivers were all around us, very close up to the road even. At one point, we saw the entire side of a mountain, all the topsoil and trees, stripped bare leaving nothing but a slick brown surface. And most of the scenery has been gorgeous, if a bit difficult to photograph from a moving bus.

From The Flood