Food banks and Oases


Yesterday we visited two berber graineries that had been restored as well as took a walk through some amazing scenery to get to the source of a spring that feeds the Oasis nearby. You can really get a sense of why the oasis must have seemed like a small slice of paradise in this intensely arid region that borders the Sahara. The granaries were a fascinating place for seeing how communities would store and guard their most valuable items (food) in a type of bank designed with just the right airflow and cover to keep them at their most usable. Other fascinating elements of these structures were key systems they used for security, and (in one of them) a lot of shelves built of stone for keeping bee hives and collecting honey.

On the downside of all of this, I have a raging lower backache that won’t seem to get better (it started a couple days before leaving the states 10 days ago) and as of this morning a strange kind of cyst or stye growing in my left eye. I think I will need to see some sort of doctor when we get back to Marrakech on Friday, which is no fun. Still, I am very happy to be on this trip, the people and the places are great. And yeah, still no pictures for a few days, sorry. There is really only the smallest trickle of internet access.