Taking taxis with confidence


One of the things that has always been a bit daunting here is taking a taxi. Many of them refuse to use the meter, and as soon as they see you are foreign try to price gouge, charging exorbitant rates. But as I have become more comfortable getting around Marrakech, and having a better idea of how much things should cost, I have had less trouble with them. Now if they refuse to use the meter, I just get out and pay what I know the rate should be, plus a little extra. Usually no one says a word, but on the occasions where someone wants to argue I just walk away, and it always works. You can never ask the rate in advance, or it will be insane. Today for example I got in a taxi and gave the name of my hotel, and the guy starts driving and then says, “You know what the rate is?”, and I said “Yes.”, because I knew that the rate is always about 15 dirham from the place I work to my hotel. And he says “60”. And I said “goodbye” and got out. Then he tries to follow me with offers of 50, then 40, then 30. Another cab came by and I got in, he took me to my hotel, I gave him 20 and he was all smiles and thank yous because it would normally be 15. But without some local knowledge, this kind of exchange is vey difficult, so I am feeling pretty good that I can finally take cabs in Marrakech with confidence.

It is just not done.


Among the various things that escape our understanding, Marites and I have noticed that no women sit at the tables in the front of various cafes anywhere we have been in the country. The couple of times we have asked about sitting in front (in the sun, facing the street, the nicest tables) we were told that we would be more comfortable inside. We have asked around a bit and are told it is just not done. Clearly this is sexist, but no one can give a good reason. We suspect women who do dare to sit in the tables in front are considered to be whores for daring to claim public space like men.