One Thousand.


Most of the time, I am not really big on milestones other than as curiosities and snapshots. They don’t really mean much outside of our human tendency to mark the passage of time and judge ourselves against impossible standards. Still, This is my 1000th post published to this blog, and it surprises me a bit. Why should that be?

When I began this blog, it was mostly for quite practical reasons. I was embarking on a big trip to faraway places, and it was a way to keep nervous family members and friends abreast of my whereabouts. I also preferred the blog format to those mass emails that people send out, because it is entirely by choice. Being virulently anti-spam, I told everyone that if they were interested in what I was doing, they could read about on the blog and if they weren’t, that was fine as well. But something happened along the way. The blog became a way for me to reflect with some immediacy on what I was experiencing, and it gave focus to my travels. It allowed me to communicate about places and ideas, with feedback from readers. It gave (and gives) me a place to write about whatever comes to mind, and to explore everything from the haughty to mundane. Sometimes it is a dull chronicle. Sometimes it is a brilliant exposé. This blog has taken me through many changes in my life and through more places than I would have imagined possible at the beginning, almost three years and one thousand posts ago.