Liar, Liar


Someone in my family (who shall remain nameless to cover the awful shame they should be feeling right now) is, how shall I put this charitably, putting out a large fire made up of their pants at the moment.

I routinely help out my family and friends will all manner of technical support free of charge. One such family member informed me of a problem they were having with a recently upgraded (by me) website they are using. They were trying to post to facebook via a plugin and it wasn’t working. I tried the same thing on their site with my browser and it worked fine. So I knew the problem was either in the way they were using the plugin or with their computer. And because I am not in the same city and right at their computer, I needed further information to be able to troubleshoot the problem. I asked them to verify on another computer in their house, so that we could rule out a problem with their particular computer. This person sent me an email telling me that they had tried on the other computer and the problem remained. So I called and said I could remotely connect to the Mac in the house (they are on a locked down PC from work that I can not remote into) and they could stand and watch as I tried to do the same thing. Indignant, my family member asked how that was possibly going to help them, and I said that I suspected it was a user error problem (since we had already ruled out that it was only one computer), and that we could resolve it by either watching me use it correctly or verifying that there was a very strange problem on their local network. There was a pause and then I heard,

“..I lied. I didn’t feel like checking it on the other computer, so I never did.”

I was flabbergasted.

Would you go to a doctor for help and lie about why you were there or what medicines you were taking? Here is my family member, asking me for FREE HELP, and they can’t be bothered to troubleshoot their own problem a little bit? Really?

All I know is, it is really hard to trust someone the next time once they have lied to you. I hope you are proud of yourself.