My name as a website


Sometime late last night, I got into that silly game of looking up possible websites for some fairly new subdomains (.me, .info, and some lesser country extensions like the Isle of Man with the extension of .im). After playing around with a bunch of clever combos which had of course all been taken, I started thinking about my own personal “domain”, my name.  I have long wondered whether it made sense to register my full name “Stephen Suess”, as a dot com, but for various reasons I never did. For one, I wasn’t sure I would really being doing business in my actual name, for another it would not exactly be something catchy and easily memorable for people, and for another it seemed vaguely vain. But since I am freelancing now, and in my own name, it somehow seems more appropriate. I am quite lucky that my name is rare enough that it wasn’t already registered (pity poor John Smith). Still, I beat a rocket scientist, a recycling expert, and someone who works at a surgical supply company to the punch!

So now, if you point your web browser to, it will take you to my cv site.