Open your Golden Gate


Alas my time in LA is at an end. Later today I will head to San Francisco for a few days to see some dear friends, eat some amazing food, do a little work, and mentally prepare myself for my impending trip to Japan. LA has been really great, most especially for seeing old friends. The city itself holds only marginal allure for me, and I definitely do not miss having to drive all over the place. (I will say that the tacos here have any I have tried in NYC beat hands down, but tacos are not enough of a pull for me to uproot myself from New York.)

la la la


When I was planning this trip, 5 days (ok, 4.5) in LA seemed like a lot. I thought I could enjoy myself, see a few friends, get some work done, relax. I think that relax part just went the way of the Dodo.  I already feel guilty and slightly overwhelmed by how many people there are to see, but such is life. Someone always feels left out, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to see everyone I know that lives here. Plus, I have actual paying work to do. That said, the climate is beautiful, and I have been working with the door open to perfect weather most of the day. I arrived around 10am and had a lovely lunch with my friend Jose who picked me up from the airport, then came to Dallas’ house (in WeHo where I am staying) to get settled in and down to some work. I have a few client meetings while I am here, but I am determined to have some fun along with. La la la….

LA reentry


I was picked up by Maureen last night and whisked off to a super yummy dinner at Jar. Then today we went by the old office and said hellos to a number of people and had lunch with my old boss, Beth. Then Maureen and I went to meet Mike for a little Lake Toba reunion party. It was great seeing everyone, but also a little odd, like I was reliving a strange dream. LA is very overcast and misty today which perhaps reinforces the feeling.