Solo in Seoul


It is a bit odd getting used to being a solo traveller again. There is something nice about discovering things with a good travel buddy like Ken. Still, I have been really enjoying wandering around Seoul, which is a very different place than Tokyo, despite several people telling me that they found them to be similar. Today I got to know the subway system, which is really top notch, walked around tiny bit in my local hood called Itaewon, then made my way over to the impressive and somewhat creepy war memorial and museum. Although parts of the museum are really great, I find that it glorifies war way too much for my taste. The museum has artifacts and history on every war that Korea has ever fought, and there are a lot of them.  The most interesting parts for me were the sections that deal with the Korean War and detail the history and timeline of the events. I felt like I had a much better understanding of South Korea after viewing those.  And there are a few very interesting spaces in the building that are worth seeing for the design. After that I went to a cool area of old Korean houses called Bukchon, that had a lot of restored traditional architecture. I have a ton of notes on my impressions so far, but will save those for tomorrow’s post. For now, check out the pics by clicking on the image below: