Competing impulses…


You run to catch a subway train that has just pulled into the station. Being that this is a weekend, the next train could be many minutes away. Someone is fumbling at the turnstile, makes it through, and is running towards your car with you standing at the door. The bell goes and the doors start to close. The conductor is yelling to not hold the doors, as it holds up the train and the system. But you want to help this person who is running towards the train by holding the door for them. Which do you do? What is the greater good? The health of the system as a whole or the health of society due to small acts of kindness on a personal level? Anyone?

The kindness of strangers


It was raining this evening, and I ran out for a few minutes without an umbrella before realizing how bad it was. I tried to stay under awnings as much as possible, but sometimes you can’t help but be exposed. I was waiting for a light to change at just one of those exposed places, cursing the increasingly heavy rain and the seemingly endless stoplight, when out of nowhere the rain stopped falling on my head and I sensed a presence near me. I turned to my right to find a kindly older woman holding her umbrella to protect us both. She smiled at me and let out a little chuckle. I smiled back and said “Gracias, gracias, gracias.” Little things like this make my heart soar with a love of humanity.