Joodse dag in Amsterdam


Today turned out to be pretty Jewy in Amsterdam. First we went to the Portuguese Synagogue, a beautiful old building and (according to what they told us) the oldest functioning synagogue in all of Europe, built in 1639. It has a pretty fascinating history, especially in that it was founded by Marranos more than 100 years after their families had been forcibly converted to Catholicism. After that we went to the Hollondesche Schouwburg Museum, which was an old theater that had been used as the central place for collecting and deporting the thousands upon thousands of Jews to the concentration camps. Not content with the heavy heart that one left us with, we went to take in the immensely detailed exhibits of the Resistance Museum, a fascinating but exhausting place. I suppose if it had not been rather cold and rainy today, we might have enjoyed a coffee on a lovely sun drenched terrace. Instead, we looked directly into dark and disturbing corners of humanity.

From AMS 14 deux