Abreviated giggles in 3 languages


Just an FYI for those of you IMing in multiple languages. In English (or at least American English) form, we have our “lols” and occasional “hahas” to denote that we are laughing (or at least want the other person to think we are). In Spanish (or at least in Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Argentina) they tend towards imitating the sound of laughter (like our occasional “haha”), rather than saying they are laughing (like our “lol”) and thus will use the phonetic (for them) “jaja” or “jeje” when indicating delight. Brazilians, I have been learning over the past few days, will abreviate the Portuguese word for laughter (riso) and always put it in the plural “rs” (and sometimes “rsrsrsrs”) which is like saying “laughs” (or “laughslaughslaughslaughs”).

Anyone else out there with special knowledge care to share what some other languages use for this purpose?

Of course, the much derided smiley is universal. :)