A South Indian Homecoming


Well, sort of. Last night Troy and I had dinner at a South Indian restaurant (named Dosa, appropriately enough) that I discovered while walking around yesterday. It was quite a surprise and I gather that this is San Francisco’s first South Indian restaurant. The food was very, very good. We ordered a Masala Dosa, Channa Batura, Idli Sambar and something I hadn’t heard of before, Chennai Chicken (which is basically masala battered and fried with a yogurt dipping sauce). I have to say the quality (especially of the Dosa and Idli) was top notch. The channa in the Channa Batura had a wee too much clove in it for my tastes, but was otherwise very good. I also had forgotten that this is the US and everything is bigger. The batura was as big as a pizza, but very good quality. Other than that, the Mango Lassi was not very good (what did I expect, there are no good mangoes here) but the plain Sweet Lassi was excellent.

If I decide to settle in San Francisco, I’ll be coming back here to eat. A lot.

From SF