Should I be flattered or disturbed?


It was one of those common moments of downtime when you search for yourself on the internet to see what a prospective client or employer or date might while doing their research on you. As I was perusing the various links displayed in front of me, I noticed that there were three facebook profiles with my exact name, which in and of itself is no big deal, there are a few other people out there that share my name. What was odd is that two of them had a profile picture that was me, and one of them was a profile picture which, although it was posted at one time to my blog, was never used on facebook. A click on that link led me to a profile with my name and my picture, but of someone based in the UK. No other info was available on this other Stephen Suess, but I found it mildly disturbing that someone was using both my picture and name and thus representing himself as me. I reported the violation to facebook and they fortunately disabled the account immediately. I did find out a little later that this is doppelganger week on facebook, but the likelihood that someone I share a name with also looks like me is statistically miniscule, and it would have been nice at least to have been asked before taking my photo and using it that way, no? And besides, I am not famous. Interestingly, a couple hours after reporting the incident on facebook, I can no longer find ANY other “Stephen Suess” on facebook’s search, not even my own (although I can log into it), even though there used to be four. Another mystery…