Guest fatigue


I just bid adieu to my friend Dimitri who was here staying for the last couple of days. Two days before that was my friend Digraj who stayed with me for three days. The week prior to that my friend Jose. All in all, this year I have had guests staying with me for 32 days out of this year, or close to a quarter of the year. And my parents (whom I adore) are arriving in 3 days for a 5 day visit. I enjoy having guests, and with all the hospitality that people have shown me over the years, I am happy to return the favors, either directly to them or in offering the same kindness to others. But there does come a point where one needs a little alone time, and I think I am close to that point. After my parents leave I am going to try to have a few weeks with no one sleeping in my apartment but me.

Host most


I haven’t been writing a lot the past month, maybe you noticed. I could use the excuse of moving and getting settled into my new place, but that is really only a small part of the story. The rest of it involves a mild depression over some things that are out of my control, and that perhaps I will go into one day. But for now, I am putting them aside and will trudge on through as if they don’t exist. My parents are visiting today, and will be here until Sunday. I am excited to finally be able to welcome people into my home here in New York. It has been a very long time since I was set up to be able to be a good host. One of the things that struck me so strongly during my travels was how amazingly hospitable and welcoming people were to me, everywhere I went. I promised myself that as soon as I could I would try to return the favor by being a good host wherever I landed. Mostly I think our culture tends to be quite guarded about welcoming people into our homes. Perhaps it is the implied intimacy or the vulnerability, but I think we would all do well to open ourselves up more to guests and the wonderful variety of interactions and outlooks they bring with them. I have already begun to invite people from far away places to come stay, and I look forward to seeing them and sharing this amazing city with them.