I am also apparently an internet porn tycoon.


This just gets better and better.

Today, some nut job named Gary R. Welsh, who I have never heard of in my life (but who apparently has many axes to grind against members of my family) published an unhinged rant where he drops this juicy aside:

Bentley’s brother, Stephen Suess of New York, who made his fortune in developing Internet porn sites, donated $2,500 in services for her campaign’s website.

If only. If I had a fortune, or anything even resembling one, and if I had made it developing porn sites (or any kind of site really) I would be thrilled. Alas, I have no fortune (at least not the monetary kind). And the closest I have ever come to making an internet porn site would have been in a gay dating site I did some programming for more than 10 years ago. I suppose since users of that site (and many other dating sites) were able to upload photos of themselves, for some people that counts as porn. But you would have to really stretch the definition of porn.

This guy’s article is very much akin to me saying that I have heard a rumor that Gary R. Welsh has repeatedly been caught sexually molesting small children, which is certainly at least as true as the allegations that I a) have a fortune of any kind and b) made said fortune developing internet porn sites. I of course have no proof that Gary R. Welsh is a child molester. But then again, I have no proof that he hasn’t¬†been found doing this or other horrible acts. I guess it is just an open question.