Weekend in GDL


I am really of two minds about my weekend in Guadalajara. I had a wonderful weekend, mainly because my host Chris was such a great guy and such fun to hang out with. We had a ball going out to various bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as wandering around the streets of Guadalajara. Chris is a fascinating guy with wide ranging interests, and we never lacked for subjects to explore.

As for the city of Guadalajara itself, I remain somewhat unimpressed. This is probably partially due to the universal adulation this city receives from everyone I talked to before coming here. It couldn’t help but be a little bit of a let down. But it is definitely more than that. The architecture, both colonial and new, fails to impress in any significant way. This is quite in contrast to so many other amazing cities in the country that I have seen. I will say that GDL is an easy city to walk around in, and the scale is rather pleasant. The food has been great, but I attribute that to Chris being a bit of a food snob like me, and really knowing the places where the best food is to be found. There are a few outlying areas of the city I didn’t get to that are supposed to be interesting, such as Zapopan and Mexico’s largest lake, Chapala. Perhaps I will see those some other day. For now, it is back to DF.