Granada, and travel fatigue


Josh and I made a (long) day stop in Granada today to see the town and the Alhambra. We got in early in the morning and walked all around this exceptionally beautiful place. I had forgotten what a great city it was, I think my favorite in Andalusia. Then we had some time to kill and I let Josh talk me into a Segway tour around town that was fun if a little humiliating for the bright orange vests we had to wear and all the townspeople gawking at the image of the gaudy Americans we presented. After that, we made our way to the Alhambra, the best example of Moorish Architecture anywhere…and yet…somewhere about half way through our tour a psychological wall came down…Josh and I hit the end of our tourist energy. We were completely spent, and didn’t care to see another god damn carving or detail or garden or what-have-you. We hit the tipping point, after all the towns, all the culture, all the architecture and all the landscapes and sights. We were done. We had touristed the shit out of everything, and we were exhausted. We decided to head to Barcelona as quickly as possible, and just enjoy living in a nice city for a while and slowing down the pace, at least of the tourist crap. So we are on our way there tomorrow, and as a kind of antidote to all that came before, we purposefully picked a hotel that was just off the highway, in a place that had nothing cultural to offer whatsoever, unless you count the bowling alley across the parking lot. I am writing this from our room in this hotel (called Executive Sport), and I have to say, it is the nicest roadside hotel we have ever seen. It has a spa and a gym and it very very nicely designed. It also is the cheapest of any place we have stayed so far. We are in hog heaven.

From Granada