Gold and Walking and Ajiaco and Taxis


Wow, I feel like I did a lot of stuff today. While not feeling 100%, I am feeling way better than yesterday when I could barely breath and felt totally weak. Altitude sickness is no fun y’all, but I do have a couple small tips. One: do NOT overexert yourself when arriving for the first time at a high altitude place, and two: take ibuprofen, it seems to help (at least it did me).

This morning I got up early and decided to go see the famous Museo del Oro (gold museum), which was quite a treat, especially the part that delved into the cosmology and symbolism associated with gold in the various cultures. It is also a very beautifully designed place. After that I came back to my hotel to rest for about an hour before heading off to meet my new friend Jaime for lunch in the north of Bogota (something called Zona T I think). We met at some super swank¬†mall and had lunch at this sort of fancy food court. Jaime got the Sancocho and I ordered a traditional Columbian Ajiaco, and a mashed plantain thingy with cheese that I think is called Aborrajado. It was all pretty yummy, if a bit bland. The Columbians aren’t much for spicy, I will tell you that.

After lunch we took a walk in the super posh neighborhoods of northern Bogota, and I was surprised by how eerily quiet the streets were once off the main roads. Really you could have heard a pin drop, or in the case of these neighborhoods, some very high denomination peso bill. Around 5 or so the day was starting to take a small toll on my energy level, and I tried to get a cab, but to no avail. So we walked around a bit and then went back to Jaime’s nearby to wait until I could get one back to my hotel. One thing to note that is super useful if you should come to Bogota — download an app to your phone called “Tappsi“, it will allow you to get a cab, and safely too. When the cab arrives at your location, you have a code to give the driver that he needs to set the meter. You can then share to email or facebook (or other places) your ride’s info, making the whole system quite secure and easy to use. And cabs are not exactly expensive here, I spent about 6 dollars for a 40 min cab ride.

And that’s it, I am beat and heading to bed.

From Gold and North