This is (apparently) Fashion Week here in NYC, and my friend Boris invited me along with him to one of the shows, that of South Korean designer  Park Choon Moo. Boris knows one of the guys organizing the show, so we got to go backstage beforehand where all the stick figure models were being made up and dressed. There seemed to be an awful lot of paparazzi snapping all kinds of photos. (especially of one short, severe looking, over tanned woman wearing a long straight black wig with bangs. I wonder who she was.) We then went out to the main room when the show was about to being and before sitting down I noticed how similar a lot of the men in attendance looked. I must have seen about 8 look-alikes, all sharing the same buzzed on the sides long on top haircut, the big pouffy wrapped scarf about the neck, and pseudo-military pants tucked into pseudo-military boots. Each making a statement no doubt about their total creative uniqueness. As the show began, I was reminded (to slight dismay) that one of the dangers in being over 40 is seeing fashion motifs from when you were 20 repeat themselves. Everything old is new again, after all, and always has been. That said, there were some really beautiful looks for several of the women. I didn’t really care for the men’s looks as much, but it was a lot of fun peeking into this rarefied world and watching the spectacle.