Getting back on track


My friend Ricardo left this morning to go back to Peru, and while it was nice seeing him while he was here, I am glad to have my space back. What with the various visitors that I have had in my apartment recently, I really haven’t been as focused on my work as I need to be (especially in generating income). Even when they weren’t here and I tried to work a few hours, a bunch of extra stuff in my small room really cuts my productivity. I find I need a clean empty space with few distractions to really focus on my work.

I am about at my most broke point ever right now, and while some of that is waiting for client payments to come through, some of it is also a lack of billing and work. I really need to get focused on generating more income and billing more regularly, especially given the high cost of living in New York. I am really loathe to take a full time job, but that may be an area to explore soon if I can’t find a more steady stream of contract work. I am going to try to keep to a strict schedule of work hours, winning new business, and monastic life over the next couple of weeks. Let’s see how it goes…