Pablo Bunyan


I am friends with a wonderful Spanish couple here in New York (Jose and Andres), and they invited me along with them this evening to a Xmas eve dinner at friends’ of theirs in Brooklyn. I am not entirely clear on the details, I don’t know exactly how many people will be there. And I think (I could be mistaken) they told me their friends are also Spanish, so I will probably get to practice some of my Spanish this evening. I am not sure if their friends are gay or straight or mixed or other. I am not sure if they have kids or pets. I am not sure what part of Brooklyn it is in. I am not sure what we will be eating. All of this adds to the sense of adventure, and as everyone knows, I love a sense of adventure.

One thing I do know, however, is the theme of the dinner party. Theme, you ask? Yes, I was as surprised as you when I received the following text from my friend Jose last night:

“The theme of the party is lumberjack”

Um, ok. Two thoughts crossed my mind simultaneously. One, his reference to “party” makes me wonder if this is not in fact a dinner, but rather a party. Or is it a dinner party? And two: What on earth am I going to wear? I guess I have a plaid shirt and jeans I can dig out, but certainly no large belt buckle, no suspenders, and no ax nor ox (blue or otherwise).

Stay tuned for the write-up tomorrow…