kannst du mich Al nennen


Last night I was graciously invited by a new friend Matthias (who I met through Olaf) to a Paul Simon concert here in Hamburg. Since everyone was out of town, I had called Matthias asking if he wanted to do something this weekend. As luck would have it, the friend he was supposed to go to the concert with had just cancelled, leaving him with the extra ticket. And while in normal circumstances I would probably never seek out tickets to a Paul Simon concert, it was a lot of fun. I did notice that we were among the youngest people in the concert hall (which was an absolutely beautiful venue btw). And for their age, and given that they are German, I was a little surprised by their boisterousness and adulation – jumping up all the time, hooting, clapping (out of sync mostly) and dancing. The seats we had were fantastic, in the 3rd row, with an unimpeded view of the stage and Paul directly. One of the striking things about the concert is that you realize that Paul Simon has been around so long that he has a very significant repertoire of songs to choose from, and my favorite moment had to be when he sang “The Only Living Boy in New York”, although he also did a very nice solo version of “Sounds of Silence”. He also played a large number of songs from his most recent album which were nice but didn’t have the same power for me as his older work. Paul Simon is approaching 70, and I was surprised at how nice his voice still sounds (but perhaps he hasn’t abused himself as much as, say, Whitney Houston). All in all, it was a very nice evening, thanks Matthias!