Here and there and an island apart


Today was a mishmash of walking through some lovely parts of Venice, eating an expensive lunch at a hoity-toity place, taking several boat rides long and short, and visiting the island of Torcello, a little-populated place with an amazing basilica on it. In addition, we ate a famous local cake (fugassa veneziana) as it was Norbert’s birthday, and had several caffè (don’t call them espressos apparently). Pics below…

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Helga, help me move the plant…


It is a truism to say that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. And while one’s definition of right is certainly debatable, I was for a long time guilty of settling for something I knew wasn’t great, simply for the convenience of it. I am talking, of course, about my morning coffee. I had for some time been using my Mr Coffee, and it was ok, not great. And then several months ago on a trip to New York, my parents brought me a new Keurig machine that they had picked up at some fundraiser or another. The machine uses little cups that you can buy with various coffees in them, but this entire system is somewhat costly and wasteful, especially if one drinks coffee everyday as I do. So I went out and bought an attachement that allowed me to put my own coffee in a reusable filter that would then drip one cup. I really came to enjoy the convenience and ease of making my morning coffee, just a couple of scoops in the filter, click a button, and voila. But as I noticed that the resulting coffee was nothing to write home (to France) about, I started buying different coffees, trying to improve on it. After several months, I finally gave up last week and ordered a simple French press. And this morning I made my first cup of coffee with it, and I think my neighbors could probably hear my cries of hallelujah. Sure, it took a few minutes more to produce, as it involves boiling water and steeping, but the results were amazing. To even compare the swill I had been imbibing every morning to this was an insult. I will not go be going back to the dark ages.

Birthday dinner and aftermath


Last night my friend Jon took me out to a yummy birthday dinner at a place called Zampa (which, funny enough I have passed several times admiring the signage). The food was great, I highly recommend it, and the staff was super sexy and friendly, always a nice combo. We had a few drinks and a nice time, then said our goodbyes, and I went to bed.

This morning I woke up and went downstairs to the coffee shop to grab a coffee and muffin. On my way and in the coffee shop, I (literally) bumped into 3 people and had to do the swerving dance with two others. Somehow my sense of direction is all screwy this morning. Like I went to bed in a right-handed culture and woke up in a left-handed one.

Oh well.